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ISKCON Europe Excellence Awards for Outstanding Pujari Service

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ISKCON Europe recently announced awards to devotees for excellence in service for 2012. Among them are two awards for outstanding pujari service, which went to Mothers Karuna Rasa and Sucitra.

You can read their awards below, or the full article with all the awards can be found on


Karuna Rasa Devi Dasi

Category: Outstanding Pujari Service
Age: 40
ISKCON Temple: Villa Vrindavan, Italy
Spiritual Master: Radhanath Swami
Number of years doing this service: 16
Joined ISKCON: 1992 in Villa Vrindavan

She was a congregation devotee chanting sixteen rounds daily at the beginning. During her free time she’d visit the temple and take part in programs. After a few years she moved to Villa Vrindavan and later married Rohini Kumara Dasa. Soon she started interacting with pujaris and discovered her deep love for serving the Deities.

The Deity department, for various reasons, was in an extremely difficult situation: no money and very few pujaris (the last pujaris were on their way out). She took the service seriously because her guru asked her to tolerate everything and to concentrate on it. In 2005 she was encouraged by the new temple president to become the head pujari. She was not seeking a position, and it took him time to persuade her, because she sincerely considered herself unqualified. She displayed a lot of courage in dealing with a disastrous situation (never lamenting or asking for personal benefits) and just worked hard to solve problems and inspire everyone.

She helped all the community members establish a cooperative mood. With brilliant ideas and initiatives, she raised money and restored the pujari department’s financial independence and eventually enabled the department to help support the temple. Karuna Rasa is a sincere, loyal, exemplary, and dedicated devotee in Srila Prabhupada’s movement.


Sucitra Devi Dasi

Category: Outstanding Pujari Seva
ISKCON Temple Name/place: ISKCON Simhachalam
Name of the Spiritual Master: Bhakti Bhusana Swami
Number of years that he/she has been doing this service: 30

Despite of being a mother of 3 children, she does everything for Lord Nrsimhadeva and His farm. She is there organizing, managing and preaching. Although there are many challenges, she has unflinching faith and devotion to the Lord and His devotees.

Raising children, harinama and sankirtan, pujari seva, prasadam distribution and so and so on What is special in his/her service that inspired you to nominate him/her for the award?

She is doing so much for our farm project in Germany, the Nrsimha farm, and by this for the whole yatra. We see her always happy although having so many responsibilities and tasks in her life. All her kids are brought up in Krsna conscioussness and doing service for the Lord. She is an outstanding example as a mother and devotees, where she shows that it is possible, having  family life and temple seva.

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