Deity Installation Resolution

Amendment of ISKCON Law 12.1.6: “Regulation of Deity Installations in ISKCON


Any ISKCON center wishing to install any deities for public temple worship or commence the worship of any deity in an ISKCON center must first receive a “Certificate of Readiness for Worship” for the said deities.

Centers may procure Deities and begin promoting planned temple openings or additions to existing worship once they have successfully completed the first stage of the approval process. Centers shall not commit to and/or publicly advertise final dates for commencement of worship until they receive a “Certificate of Readiness for Worship.”

This “Certificate of Readiness for Worship” applies only to the deities for which it is granted and is not a generic permanent approval.

The initial contact: The center wishing to commence the worship of deities makes an application via the ISKCON Deity Worship Ministry’s website, After receiving this application, the IDWM contacts the local GBC and regional authorities to assess the viability of the application. If this consultation shows the center has made a proper analysis of the requirements to worship deities and are moving in the right direction regarding allocation resources, etc. to the worship of the deities then the first stage approval is granted. This then enables the temple to make arrangements to acquire deities and commence fund-raising, etc.

The second and final stage will be assessed based on the findings of a site visit by a IDWM representative, or comprehensive consultation with concerned devotees.

The readiness for worship will be assessed by a local representative (from the temple concerned); the local GBC, regional leadership (which may include a representative from the National Council or RGB, etc.); and an ISKCON Deity Worship Ministry representative. The GBC Executive Committee will be informed of the assessment outcome.

For any applications for deities apart from those given by Srila Prabhupada, i.e. Radha-Krsna; Jagannatha, Baladeva, Subhadra; and Gaura-Nitai (or Panca-tattva) and salagram silas; the IDWM requires executive input.

Therefore, for any application that includes Krsna-Balarama or Sita Rama Lakshman Hanuman, the IDWM will consult with the GBC Executive Committee for approval.

Any deities apart from the aforementioned must be approved by the GBC Body before the IDWM can issue a Certificate of Readiness for installing deities.

This Certificate of Readiness is valid for up to 180 days beyond the initial scheduled installation date. If the 180 day period has elapsed without the installation being completed, the temple will be reassessed by the ISKCON Deity Worship Ministry for a new Certificate of Readiness to be issued.

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